Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas Menu 2019

Trays and Gift Boxes

(No substitutions to these.  You can definitely create your own but it will be priced accordingly)

  • Classic cookie box-includes 28 pieces including mini frosted sugar cookies, thumbprints, chocolate chip and decadent brownies--14.00
  • Deluxe Cookie Box--Thirteen different cookies, 36 total pieces, all in their own papers in a window box sealed with a gold ribbon--18.00
  • Classic Cookie Tray--6 dzn pieces including chocolate chip, frosted sugar cookies, and thumbprints--27.00
  • Deluxe Cookie Tray- 7 dzn pieces including gingerbread men, raspberry kisses, turtle thumbprints, frosted red velvet, mini frosted sugar cookies, russian tea, double chocolate and sprinkle dips--40.00
  • Christmas Tree Tray--7 dzn mini sugar cookies, iced and arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree, makes a great centerpiece--42.00

Deluxe Box

Classic Tray

Christmas Tree Tray
Deluxe Tray

Frosted Sugar Cookies

One of your favorite cookies a few different ways.  Priced by the dozen.
  • Mini Frosted--small, two bite size with a rosette of festive frosting--4.50
  • Frosted Circles--3 inch cookie hand frosted in festive colors--9.50
  • Decorated Cutouts--snowman face, Santa face, tree--18.00
We can bag and tie the circles or decorated cookies for you for an additional 3.00/dzn as party favors or small gifts.

Mini Frosted
Frosted Circles

Decorated Cutouts

Other Sugar Cookie Gifts

  • Stocking Stuffer Santa--Large 5 inch cookie, bagged and tied with a ribbon, finished with a small gift tag--4.50/Each
  • Frosted Circle Gift Box--6 frosted circles in holiday colors boxed in a small window box with a gold ribbon--5.00
  • Sugar Cookie Basket--One dozen decorated cutouts, bagged and tied with a ribbon in a cute basket box, finished with a festive ribbon, great for office gifts--24.00
  • Frost your own Sugar cookie set--  18 cutout cookies including a tree, stocking, santa face and star, container of white, red and green frosting, two packets of sprinkles and three pastry bags---24.00
Frosted Circle Gift Box

Stocking Stuffer Santa

Sugar Cookie Gift Basket

Frost Your Own Kit

Cookies a la Carte

These guys are small, two bite cookies, great for trays or boxes or just snacking...priced by the dozen.

  • Chocolate Chip--3.75
  • Snickerdoodle--3.75
  • Walnut Thumbprint-5.50
  • Plain Thumbprint-4.50
  • Raspberry Kisses--5.50
  • Red Velvet( soft cake like cookie with a swirl of frosting on top)--5.50
  • Double Chocolate(soft cake cookie with chocolate frosting)--5.50
  • Russian Tea(melt in your mouth butter pecan shortbread tossed in powdered sugar)--5.00
  • Peanut Butter Blossom-5.00
  • Sprinkle Dips(soft sugar cookie dipped in white chocolate and christmas sprinkles)--4.50
  • Spritz(butter cookie in a flower design garnished with a few sprinkles)-3.00
  • Turtle Thumbprints(chocolate cookie rolled in pecans with a caramel center)--8.00
  • Mini Gingerbread Men--3.00
  • Mini frosted sugar cookies--4.50
  • Ginger Cookies(soft ginger cookie rolled in sanding sugar)--5.00
  • Mini Pecan Bars--7.50
You may order these a la carte or in an assortment of four, six or eight dozen on a black dome tray with a plastic lid. Cost is cookies priced per dozen, plus 2.50 for each tray.


We are not taking any more custom cake orders for the year.  The cakes listed below are what will be offered with decor to match their flavor and a Christmas spin on them upon request. We can add a message to them, but decor will stay the same.

Six Inch--serving 6-8 people--15.00 each
Nine Inch--Serving 12-16 people--25.00 each
  • Red Velvet--traditional red velvet cake iced in cream cheese frosting
  • Triple Chocolate--Chocolate cake with our decadent fudge truffle filling and chocolate buttercream on the outside
  • Simply White---scratch made white cake with our vanilla buttercream
  • White Almond Raspberry--your favorite white almond cake filled with raspberry marmalade iced in our vanilla buttercream
  • Italian Cream Cake-  a classic italian cream cake made so delicious with buttermilk, pecans, and coconut iced and filled with cream cheese frosting.
  • Chocolate Peppermint--chocolate cake with fudge truffle filling, iced with peppermint buttercream


Flavors--Raspberry swirl, fudge swirl, vanilla, oreo, funfetti.
Cheesecake bites--10.00/dzn
Whole 10" Cheesecake serving up to 16---30.00


If you need breakfast items, Click here for what's available!  Available in regular or mini size, we can create the perfect tray to put your morning get together over the top! 


We will be open regular business hours through December 21--- Thursdays and Fridays--7-4 and Saturdays--9-3.

We will also be open Monday Dec 23 and Tuesday Dec 24 from 8-4.

 We will then be closed December 25- January 6.  We will reopen January 9 with regular business hours.


Please email us at or call us at the bakery 740-497-6370 (please do not text this phone).  Give us as much detail in your email as possible i.e.  pick up date, cake sizes, quantities etc.

We will be working to have our cases full and lots of cookies, gifts, breakfast, cheesecake and more available at the shop for sale during our retail hours.  It's going to be a great month!

Happy Holidays and a million thanks for another amazing year!



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