Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring Update

This Spring is shaping up to be a crazy season as per usual.  I wanted to give you some things on the upcoming agenda so we can all get on the same page and hopefully I can answer some of your questions.

First up,  Easter.  Easter is Sunday April 21st this year.  We will make the menu available on March 28th and will begin taking your orders at that time.  How long will we take orders?---We will take them until we reach a point where we feel like we can't fill anymore.  That could be a few days or a week or more, but please don't wait too long because it will book up.

The bakery will then be closed Sunday April 21st through Sunday April 28th for our yearly spring break.  No orders will be filled during that time as well as we will be unavailable for correspondence.

Mother's Day is Sunday May 12 this year and we will put together a few special items available for order for the mommas which will be up Thursday May 2 and we'll take your orders for that at that time.

Graduations---We are taking orders for graduations now.  You don't have to necessarily know exactly what you want but we need a good estimate so that we can gauge how many orders we can take for the weeks.  Check out the graduation tab here------>Graduations  This will show you what we are offering and answer your pricing questions etc.

Weddings--I just updated our booked dates for weddings and April through August are nearly full.  Check out the wedding tab here to check if your date is available if you were thinking about us being a part of your big day------>Weddings  If you have a tasting scheduled, I have taken into consideration your date and you are good to go!

We get the question a lot of  "How far in advance should I place an order?"  We do not have the perfect answer for this question because it just depends on the time of year and what all is going on.  Right now with us running into holidays and graduations and weddings, the longer the better.  With that being said, right now we will take orders for dates through June 29.  Expect us to be booked for certain weekends as time goes along.  We take as many orders as physically possible and most of the time, more than we should.  Know that we hate turning away your order, but we are human.  In the event you don't get your orders in, we will be working to have cases full with as much as possible for last minute or forgotten events.  I so appreciate your patience and support!

Lastly, welcome to all of our new friends and fans!  The bakery is growing at an amazing pace and it's so nice to see new faces along with our long time supporters.  Remember if you're sharing the news about CCB to include that our bakery retail hours are Thursday and Fridays 7-4 and Saturdays 9-3.  We do our best to answer the phone and emails Tuesday-Saturday to stay on top of correspondence.  You can contact us at 740-497-6370 or

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