Breakfast Items-

Cinnamon Rolls--2.00 each
Pecan Rolls--2.00 each
Honey Buns--1.50 each
Danish (plain, strawberry, raspberry)-2.00 each

These can be ordered in any quantity and are priced by the piece.

Mini Breakfast

   Order only.  By the dozen.

Cinnamon Rolls--13.50
Pecan Rolls--15.00
Honey Buns--9.00

Mini Breakfast Tray

  24 pieces including six of each cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, honey bun and Danish.--26.00

** You can create your own tray ordering the mini breakfast pastries by the dozen.  Custom trays must include 3 dozen pastries priced per dozen plus 2.50 for the tray.**

Custom Mini Breakfast Pastry Tray

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