Cookies etc.

Frosted Sugar Cookies (priced per dozen)
     --Medium Circles--9.50/dzn
Mini Sugar Cookies

Decorated cookies-cookies listed below are included in this price level--18.00/dzn 
  • snowflake
  • snowman face
  • unicorn face
  • farm animals(pig, horse, chicken, cow, sheep)
  • emojis
  • decorated heart
  • starfish
  • woodland animal(deer face, fox face, raccoon face, owl)
  • music note
  • sports ball (football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer field)
  • flowers
  • pizza slice
  • beer mug
  • cupcakes
  • Number Cookies
  • Baby onesie
  • Baby carriage
  • graduation cap
  • pumpkin
  • sunflower
  • ohio
  • ice cream cone

**Cookies can be bagged and tied with a ribbon for an additional 3.00/dzn.

Large Chocolate Chip

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies
  Medium Circles--12.00/dzn

CAKE COOKIES--.50 each/5.50 dzn
     --Lemon (seasonal)
     --Red Velvet
     --Double Chocolate

Assorted Cookies (priced per dozen)
     Turtle thumbprints--8.00
     Lemon Shortie(seasonal March-July)--5.50
     Russian Tea--5.00
     Mini chocolate chip--3.75
     Mini Snickerdoodle--3.75
     Mini Peanut Butter--3.75
     Walnut Thumbprints--5.50
     Raspberry Kisses--5.50
     Peanut Butter Blossoms--5.00
     Large Chocolate Chip--6.00
     Large Snickerdoodle--6.00
     Large Oatmeal Raisin--6.00
     Large Chocolate Chip--6.00

Classic Cookie Tray-  includes chocolate chip, thumbprints, and mini sugar cookies ( no substitutions)
     6 dozen--27.00
     9 dozen--40.00

Custom Tray

Custom cookie trays may be created and will be priced according to the cookie price per dozen plus 2.50 for black tray with a dome cover.

Classic Cookie Box
Classic Cookie Box--27 pieces including decadent brownies, chocolate chip, thumbprints, mini frosted sugar cookies--14.00

Brownies--1.00 each/ 12.00 dzn
Frosted Brownie

     --Frosted--our original fudgy brownie with a vanilla frosting  
     --Decadent---our original fudgy brownie dipped in chocolate ganache

Decadent Brownies

Brownie Bites--4.00/dzn
   Bite sized, melt in your mouth fudgy brownie bites tossed in powdered sugar

Raspberry Crumble Bars--1.00 each

Pecan bars--1.25 each


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