Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Welcome to our new page!

Hi everyone and welcome to our new website!  Two of the things that are the most important to me are continuing to find ways to serve you better and maintaining the highest standards possible for our product with incredible consistency.  This site is the next step in doing just that. 

You will find all of the product that you are able to place orders for and you can do it all right here.  We are setting out certain time periods that we will be taking orders for and will be adding to them as things move along and products change seasonally or holidays arise etc.  Starting out, you may place orders for pick up Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through Saturday September 26.  You will select the pick up date at checkout and please make note of our store hours on your pick up day.  We are NOT offering shipping.  All of the orders placed here are for pick up at the bakery during our retail days.  You will pay at checkout for whatever items you decide to order but are still welcome to grab some things from our case when you come to pick up your order.  Yes, we will still be running the retail the same.  This is just an avenue to be more available to ordering whenever you are ready to do so and you won't have to wait on us to return your call when we aren't available at the bakery or get back to you by email.

You will notice that right now, you don't see any decorated cutouts.  Those are coming soon, check back Sept 15 for those.  There will be specific ones that you will be able to choose from and we are doing our best to cover as many options and events as possible with those.

Moving forward, we are limiting custom orders in an effort to streamline things on our end and serve more of you more efficiently.  What exactly does this mean?  Well it means that you may not be able to get that custom cake that has Elsa dancing with Olaf on a snowy mountain.  But it also means that I promise you that you will get the best quality cake that you can get in a wide radius that will still look great and taste delicious which is the main purpose of our product!  We want to serve you high quality, great tasting products every single time and to protect that quality, we have to streamline.  You will notice on our Cakes and Cheesecakes page that you can order a wide array of cakes in a 6" or 9" round size that will be decorated to correspond with the flavor of the cake.  You will be able to add a message in the notes at checkout.  If you need something to serve a few more, check out the sheet cakes page!  There are specific designs that you can choose from in a few different color assortments.  And if one of those doesn't exactly match your party, you can also just get a simply decorated cake that we can add a message to that I promise your guests will still love!

As the season begins to change, we have also launched some of our fall product including some great pumpkin items!  Pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cookies, caramel apple coffee cakes and more.  You will see those in our case this weekend and you can place your order here for them right now!  Before you ask, pumpkin rolls will be here in the beginning of October and I promise I'll let you know when they are ready.

There are some orders that will require attention that the website may not be able to offer like large corporate orders, gift orders etc and we would love for you to email us at to see how we can best accommodate those.

Obviously lots of business already have websites.  But I can't tell you how excited I am to get this together for YOU!  I will use this blog to update you on product changes, when new order dates open, when we start to take holiday orders and just general information.  And please remember this is just the start.  We can always add some products to our menu, we are open to adding things that are not there but are requested by you as long as it makes sense in our mission moving forward.  Your support is incredible and I can't thank you enough.  I also appreciate your patience in this next step.  Thanks for hanging on for the ride so far!  You guys are the best!