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And now I have a 12 year old...

This guy was just 4 years old when we opened the doors of the bakery.  Along with my daughter they were there for all of the beginnings.  The late nights, early mornings, endless trips to home depot....all of it.   And just as they do today, they took all of it in stride.  There are still weeks where I barely see them.  Less than there used to be for sure, but it still happens.  One of my favorite pictures of him above, he is tucked in his blankie on the floor in front of the heater while we worked.  They never complained and were just there for me.  

Yesterday, he turned 12 and he is one of the coolest cats I know!  We celebrated as always, not with something from the bakery, but instead a giant bowl of oreo fluff! 

With the new bakery ordering system and all of the tweaks that I've continued to make to the business to better serve you and support my family...I'm thankful for the flexibility that I can create to love on them and focus even more on the people who have supported me the most.  Just a little insight that when we make big changes, there are many reasons behind it, pictured above in another picture from the beginning are two of the biggest of them!  

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  • Aaaw Beth, thanks for sharing!!! I’ve seen them both behind your counter at times! So sweet & mannerly!

    Bev Houser

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