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-------Ordering open through March 30-----Click here for Limited Easter Menu!---Please Note Bakery is closed for Spring Break April 4, 5 and 6------- Graduation Menus will be live Tuesday March 5------

What's happening at your favorite bakery?

  • Summer nights are for peaches.

    It's a fairly simple recipe that feels like such an accomplishment when finished!  With some fresh fruit, a few other ingredients and a little bit of magic, this recipe is sure to satisfy!
  • My current salad on repeat.

    Even if goat cheese or pickled beets aren't your jam, give this dressing a try and let me know what else it goes great with!
  • Belgian Waffles

    One of my current at home obsessions!
  • We sailed through Easter and are ready to help you plan these next few busy months!

    Some general housekeeping and information to keep you in the loop!
  • It's our anniversary!

    We've officially been open at the bakery location 8 years!
  • For all of our planners out there!

    A look ahead at the first six months of 2023 and when you should look to place your orders for those special people and events coming up.
  • Ship some luck to those near and far.

    Need to say "Thank you" or maybe just a sweet treat for yourself?
  • March Menu

    Need a little luck of the Irish or just a sweet treat?  See what's special for March!
  • Big things are happening for Fayette County

    We are so excited to have been a small part in the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Honda/LG joint venture that is coming to our area!
  • Happy Saturday!

    Seems simple enough...
  • Customer Question: How far ahead should I order?

    Read more to learn when is best to place your order and how to find out when ordering is open through!
  • Classic Trays

    Just the right mix of cookies for that meeting or get together that you signed up to bring dessert to!