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Booked for order pick ups for Thursday and Friday, July 18 and 19. We will have a great selection available in our cases to choose from! The bakery will be closed and on Summer Break Saturday July 20-July 29. All other ordering is Open through August 31.

Customer Question: How far ahead should I order?

We do have some seasonal products and with the many holidays and celebrations sprinkled throughout the calendar, our menu changes.  For that reason, we typically take orders only about 4-6 weeks in advance.  Sometimes when holidays or special happenings are close together, we try to not cross the ordering too much as it can get a little hectic to keep track of!

The best way to see when ordering is open through is to look at the top of the website in the colorful bar that you can see from any page on the site.  It may have some other message with it but will always include a statement about "Ordering open through_____"     

If we happen to book out for order pick ups for a certain date, you will find that there as well.

If you are curious about weddings, find more information here.

Set reminders in your phone for when the following special menus will be available:

  • February 27— Patrick’s Day Menu Live
  • March 14—Easter Ordering opens
  • April 9-16- Bakery Closed
  • April 12—Graduation Menu Live and ordering open
    through June 10. Cupcakes will be back for graduation
  • April 19—Merry May Menu Live—There is so
    much to celebrate in May that we will be offering a
    general gift page that will include offerings to cover
    teachers, mothers, nurses and more of those
    that you need to gift a sweet treat.
  • May 16—Expect to see seasonal offerings for those
    Memorial Day beginning of Summer
  • June 6—Father’s Day menu Live
  • June 20—4th of July Menu Live

**Please note if you are looking for a corporate order or a large scale event that is not a wedding, feel free to reach out with us for date availability etc.  We do understand that there are times things need to be planned farther ahead for committee approvals, etc and would love to work with you!

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