Ordering is open through April 8. Click here for the Easter Menu!

What's happening at your favorite bakery?

  • Did someone say "Free Cheesecake"?

    Any order placed for pick up February 23, 24, 25 or March 2, 3, 4 will receive a free random four pack of cheesecake on us.  Read more to learn how.
  • Your eyes are not messing with you, these are green eggs!

    Many eggs we use are white...but some are not.  Learn more here!
  • We feel the egg crunch too!

    With eggs being one of our main ingredients in just about everything, we have felt the pinch too!
  • Did you receive cookies from us and are looking for more?

    More details on our next rounds of shipping coming up.
  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Check out a few pictures from the mass production of goods that went out the door yesterday!
  • Here today for Valentine's goods pick ups.

    We are at the bakery today, Monday February 13 for order pick ups only.  Our extended ours for pick up are 7am-6pm.
  • Customer Question: Do you offer wedding cakes?

    See if we would still be fit for your big day.
  • Booked for all orders through February 13

       Thank you for including us in your Valentine's giving and weekend get togethers!  We are now booked for all orders for this weekend as we tackle...
  • Product Spotlight: Cinnamon and Pecan Rolls

    Ever wonder how these beauties begin their journey?  Click to find out!
  • Bakery Fun Fact

    In this cooler, you are looking at over 1800 cookies waiting on their ride in the oven.  Click to read more numbers that will make your brain spin!
  • If you need anything for this weekend, the deadline to order is Wednesday February 8 at midnight.

    While we try to take orders as long as possible, when we are near a holiday, we need to set a deadline to make sure we can get a count and a game plan to get everything done!
  • Scones- I didn't even realize we were missing them!

    When we first started scones, we went through many flavors but there were two that just rose to the top and are the main ones we offer today.  What other flavors are you interested in?