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Booked for online order pick ups for this weekend. See the home page for more details! Other ordering is Open through July 19. See the home page for more bakery information, including a bonus OPEN day Wednesday, July 3!

Did someone say "Free Cheesecake"?

  Our new bakery operating model is officially 4 months in the works and we want to thank all of you that continue to embrace it and support us in a way that has allowed us to continue to serve you in the best possible way we can.  It has been such a positive transition in many ways that you may never see, but please trust me, life is good!

    With that being said, we want to thank you with a free four pack of cheesecake.  Any order over $10 that is placed for pick up  February 23, 24, 25 or March 2, 3, 4 will receive a random four pack of cheesecake at order pick up.  There are no promo codes or anything special you need to do, we will take care of adding it to your order for those dates!  Limit one four pack per customer.  And if cheesecake isn't your jam, what a great random act of kindness you could provide for a friend!

   Again, thank you for continuing on this journey with us.  We appreciate you!


  • These are for pick up orders only!

    Beth Spangler
  • I can’t wait delish

    Sheryl Stevens
  • I’ll be out of town those dates, but just had to tell you I think this is incredible! So kind of you. Love this so much.

  • Can these be shipped along with an order?

    Sharon May
  • Than you

    Brenda Ingram

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