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Because you were curious....

In my Scratch Baking post, I mentioned my sugar artwork from pastry arts school but I didn't have any pictures of it on there.  A few of you asked what they really looked you go! 

While once upon a time, say 17 years ago when it was made, the sugar glistened and looked dazzling.  Time has worn on it a bit but it is STILL standing.  When we started working with sugar, the first thing we created was the sugar swan and this was our final project.  I was in this class in December hence the festive theme.  This was truly one of my favorite things we worked with at school.

Above is the pastillage box I mentioned as well.  Pastillage is a type of sugar paste, similar to gum paste that dries firm.  That is how we were able to build the structure of a box that does have a functional lid and how it can stay standing on four feet, all requirements of the project years ago.  Time also has worn on the flowers on top of the box but again, 17 years later, time wears on us all!

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  • Those are beautiful!

    Linda Burton

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