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Booked for order pick ups for Thursday and Friday, July 18 and 19. We will have a great selection available in our cases to choose from! The bakery will be closed and on Summer Break Saturday July 20-July 29. All other ordering is Open through August 31.

Product Spotlight: Lemon Drop Cookies

  As with all of our products, these delicious morsels begin with raw ingredients.  The key to their soft, sink your teeth into texture is sour cream.  Their flavor is enhanced even more with a heavy helping of fresh lemon zest that makes the whole bakery smell out of this world!

     After the mixing process, done with careful precision with the help of that beastly mixer in the background, we morph those ingredients into this heaping bowl of dough.  For reference, that is an eight quart bowl holding enough dough to produce over 300 cookies.  Once transferred to this bowl, all of the dough is hand scooped to create a batch of perfectly portioned cookies.

  This is the result of the little globs of sticky cookie dough taking their ride in the oven.  I love how the cake cookies look!  They kind of remind me of those little dot candies that are on the paper.  Of course, these cookies don't end up tasting like paper like those do!  


     Finally they get a sweet swirl of lemon flavored frosting.  This is our sugar cookie frosting flavored with a sweet lemon compound.  Now they are ready for your enjoyment and hope to bring you thoughts of warmer weather.  Fingers crossed it will be here soon!

    Our cake cookies are offered in a variety of flavors.  Different ones are available at different times with the current selection being red velvet, double chocolate and now, lemon drops.  What is your favorite?  I can't help but sneak a double chocolate one here and there, but that can just be our secret!  ;)

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Special thanks to Maggie for taking these pictures while she made the maiden batch for 2023.

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