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Booked for order pick ups for Thursday and Friday, July 18 and 19. We will have a great selection available in our cases to choose from! The bakery will be closed and on Summer Break Saturday July 20-July 29. All other ordering is Open through August 31.

Product Spotlight: Cinnamon and Pecan Rolls

   After making a 15 pound batch of danish dough and letting it chill at least overnight, it is cut and weighed into even chunks of dough ready for a roll out.  We typically make 3-5 batches at one time working smarter not harder.

   Each hunk of dough is then rolled out into the perfect danish dough rectangle.  These rectangles become danish, honeybuns, cinnamon or pecan rolls depending on what we are working on for the day.

    If we are making cinnamon or pecan rolls, they get a lovely smear of our decadent cinnamon filling made with dark brown sugar, cinnamon and butter.

   Finally, they are rolled up and tucked in nicely on pan to go into the freezer.  By making these logs of cinnamon rolls and then freezing them, we stop the yeast in it's tracks from continuing to develop.  This allows us to pull logs out of the freezer as needed to cut and bake to fulfill your orders in the freshest way possible.  I kind of like to think of it as we are our own bakery supply company.  We make many products in mass quantities and then are able to store them until it is time to put them in action.  This is also how we are able to take last minute orders and maintain the scratch baked process with few hands producing them.

   Both the regular and mini cinnamon and pecan rolls begin their journey in this way.  They are then cut, proofed and baked either in a pan or muffin cup if they are a cinnamon roll or in a bed of honey sugar glaze and pecans that becomes that magical caramel topping on the pecan rolls.  

   At the bakery, we all agree there is really nothing better than that sweet buttery, yeasty aroma that fills the bakery when breakfast is baking.  To see our full line of this sweet goodness click here!

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  • Amazing!! Your pastries are delicious!


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