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Your eyes are not messing with you, these are green eggs!

Recently we have been lucky enough to source some of our eggs locally.  These green beauties arrive at the bakery along with shades of brown, cream colored, speckled and always one flat with a beautiful blue egg smack in the middle.  

While many we use are the white eggs still, it is so fun to crack through the different colors.  They just have a different feel to them....a more homey, warm feeling.  I guess it's kind of hard to explain since it is simply an egg, but it's different. I also love knowing that these eggs have a little more love and attention given to them.  When the farmer arranges them in such a way as a flat of all green, some with patterns of cream and brown or the brown egg flat with a blue beauty standing proud in the middle.  There's just something special about them and we're happy to pass that on to you in the products that you know and love.

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