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We feel the egg crunch too!

The amount of eggs we use definitely depends on the time of year and what season of production we are in.  The amount we use varies from 30-120 dozen per week.  Items like cookies use less while heavy cake production requires many more with a batch of pumpkin rolls require four dozen itself!  Nonetheless, we have felt the pinch from the egg prices like you have too, simply do the math, yikes! We're happy to see the price starting to trickle down a bit.

Even before the price increase, we take careful consideration in using the whole egg.  This may sound a bit confusing and maybe obvious and you may be thinking, "Well, of course you use the whole egg!".   But you see, some of our recipes only require the rich yolks while others require the magical whites only.  While we could buy these separately, I firmly believe that we just do not get the same results in our products from the pre-separated ones as we do by doing it ourselves.  

In this picture, Gypsy is separating the yolks from the whites.  Through doing this with thousands of eggs, we have discovered simply by hand is the best.  The shell to shell ping pong with the yolk is fine for a few eggs, but to get them apart quickly and in large quantities, we first break all of the eggs into a mixing bowl and then reach in with the best tools we have, our hands!  Once you get the feel, for it, it is not difficult to get the white to leave the yolk and you will see there are couple slightly different elements to the white.  We then portion the yolks into batches of 24 as that is what all of the recipes that use the yolks are set to.  Most of them go into thumbprint cookies or our decadent danish dough.  You can read more of what we do with the danish dough here.


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