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Booked for online order pick ups for this weekend. See the home page for more details! Other ordering is Open through July 19. See the home page for more bakery information, including a bonus OPEN day Wednesday, July 3!

For all of our planners out there!

   The first six months of the year after Valentine's day are full of fun events to celebrate and we know you like to get ahead of the game!  With that being said, in order to keep things straight on our end and to be able to keep all of the menus up to date with the changing seasonal product, we cannot open all ordering dates and menus at one time.  Here is a rundown of our plan for menu launch dates looking forward through the 4th of July.  Screenshot it, set a reminder in your phone or just remember where to find this list so you don't miss out! 

    We know that the graduation parents are always itching to get your orders placed but rest assured, we will have plenty of time to take your orders immediately after Easter.  With that being said, please note that we offer specific designs of cakes and cookies that can be made to coordinate with your graduate's schools.  We do not offer tiered cakes but WILL be bringing back cupcakes!  They will be available in simple decor with a graduation topper or topper to match the flavor of the cupcake.

  • March 14—Easter Ordering opens
  • April 9-16- Bakery Closed
  • April 12—Graduation Menu Live and ordering open
    through June 10. Cupcakes will be back for graduation
  • April 19—Merry May Menu Live—There is so
    much to celebrate in May that we will be offering a
    general gift page that will include offerings to cover
    teachers, mothers, nurses and more of those
    that you need to gift a sweet treat.
  • May 16—Expect to see seasonal offerings for those
    Memorial Day beginning of Summer
  • June 6—Father’s Day menu Live
  • June 20—4th of July Menu Live

To see when ordering is open through, refer to the header bar at the top of the website.  Ordering is open typically for a range of 4-6 weeks ahead.

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  • I need a graduation cake and cupcakes for May 27th (party is May 28th) to feed approx. 40-50 people total. Is it too late to order? I would like your white almond cake and something like chocolate raspberry for the cupcakes. My phone # is 740-463-9726

    Denise Hill

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