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Booked for online order pick ups for this weekend. See the home page for more details! Other ordering is Open through July 19. See the home page for more bakery information, including a bonus OPEN day Wednesday, July 3!

Bakery Fun Fact

     While the bakery from the outside may look a little small, as I've said before we continue to tweak and maximize the space as best we can.

      I thought it'd be fun to share with you some fun trivia numbers because honestly until I sat down and did the math, I didn't even realize what our capacity can be!

     While we don't always use all of the racks and trays at one time, we certainly do have times of year where we are maxed out.  In our little building, we have the capacity to hold over 200 full sheet pans of finished cookies with each pan holding 35-75 cookies depending on what they are.  Do the math and at one time we could house 7,000-15,000 cookies!  Mind boggling.  Christmas certainly pushes our limits the most like the past one when we moved 175 order pick ups to one day and sent over 20,000 pieces of product out the door.  I'm always impressed at what we can accomplish and it is all done by careful planning, efficient production processes and hard work.  While the building may be small and there are just a few of us working, we are able to blow the efficiency out of the water with processes that we continue to perfect!

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