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But have you tried the Pecan Rolls?


     Many of you are here for the cookies.  By far, we sell the most of those by the numbers.  Literally thousands that make their way to SO many events large and small.  And then, you seek us out because of course, one is never enough!

       But truly, have you tried the pecan rolls?!  These are one of the most photogenic products that we have.  When articles are published about us, 9 times out of 10 you find these beauties front and center, and I don't blame them!  Not only are they beautiful, they are melt in your mouth devine.  A buttery danish dough rolled up with layers of cinnamon filling, dressed up on top with a honey caramel glaze using local Honeyrun Farm honey and the perfect amount of crunchy pecans.  Our lead breakfast baker Maggie has perfected them in her nearly 3 1/2 years with CCB.

        If I'm feeling a sweet treat and these guys are around, they are my go to.  They are great as they are at room temperature, but especially this time of year when there is such a chill in the air, give them a few seconds in the microwave and dive in.  While we do make some every day we are open for retail, they sell fast!  So with everything, the best way to stake claim to these delicacies is to order them.  They are available individually in our large size or we do a mini version that are sold by the dozen.

Here's a link to our Breakfast goodies.  There's nothing better!


  • By far, the BEST bakery around! Each time I take a cake, cookies or scones somewhere, they want to know who made them! Pecan rolls are to die for! Beth is the sweetest and eager to please! Keep it up!

    JoAnn Brown
  • the pecan rolls are my very favorite, they are the best of anyplace. It’s hard for me to eat just one.

    Jeannelle Schlegler

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