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Booked for online order pick ups for this weekend. See the home page for more details! Other ordering is Open through July 19. See the home page for more bakery information, including a bonus OPEN day Wednesday, July 3!

Illinois, Pennsylvania, Montana, Tennessee, Maryland, West Virginia, Minnesota, Florida and that is just where we are shipping today!

   Tomorrow, Thursday February 2 is the last day to preorder your shipping cookies to send out for a Valentine's day treat!  The cookies go out February 8.

     We offer our frosted sugar cookies to ship in quantities of one dozen or two dozen and can ship just about anywhere in the USA.  Click here to order!   Please note if you want to ship more than one box, you must do each in a separate transaction so that we can get the labels printed correctly.

   It was a year ago this Valentine's day that we ventured into shipping.  Learning as we go and making some big dreams and plans for the future with it has been so much fun!  With today's shipment, we officially have shipped to 25 states including Hawaii!  That's incredible!

   Working with one of our long time customers and Aloha Delivery in Hawaii, we made this Marine's birthday sending him a special birthday treat.  His smile and genuine joy of receiving cookies really just made my whole year! (shared with permission :) ) Thank you for your service!


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  • You and your staff are much appreciated in all that you do! As you can tell from the picture, he LOVED his yummy goodness.
    Just for the record, a dozen cookies were devoured within a 24 hour time frame by no other than himself. :‐)

    Beth Harmon

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