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Two Roasting Joes Restock

I met Tom at Two Roasting Joes nearly 10 years ago at the Chillicothe Farmer's Market!  As soon as we opened the doors of the bakery, I knew it was what we were going to brew and serve our customers.  Along with that we also began selling his coffee in our store for you to take home and brew.  It is amazingly fresh when it arrives in our store, almost always still delivered by Tom and the smell is simply delightful.  We just received a fresh delivery including a couple of new flavors for the season including Irish Creme and Nutty Irishman.  You can order it online to pick up with your bakery order or grab it off our shelf! 
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  • The only coffee I drink. I like a different one every day. Are you going to carry the smaller bags?

    Robin Dolphin

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